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Expect to Catch

We will be targeting Speckled Trout and we can still expect to pick up other inshore fish such as flounder or Redfish. 

What to Bring

Always bring bug spray and sunscreen along with plenty of water!

other items would be 

- dry bag. 

- snacks

-a small cooler 13qt or smaller will fit on the kayak.

-If you would like to keep fish make sure you bring a fish bag or a small cooler option.

-a windbreaker or light raincoat 

(Below are the available launches for This trip type please select which you prefer or let us decide for you any questions please feel free to call 251-272-9834)

(Please have a plan B trip in mind just in case Weather affects Plan A)

Speckled Trout Fishing

Duration | 4-6hrs

Speckled trout.... too many good things to say about them really. if you love specks and want to learn how to target them get ready to pedal and let's go find the deep pockets and sandy bottoms. artificial bait is our favorite. but a popping cork and live shrimp will always get it done as well. and just maybe... you will land a Gator Speckled trout to talk about forever. pick a launch close to you or ask us what we prefer for the season. 

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