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about us

Yaktics, LLC Reel Fishing Kayak Rentals and Guide Service provides a unique and engaging experience for anyone in the Alabama Gulf Coast or surrounding areas. Our kayaks come fully equipped with everything you need for a Mobile Bay sleigh ride including FishFinders, nets, stakeout poles, fish grips, pliers, fishing poles, and bait & tackle. Our guides are experienced kayak fishermen with the knowledge needed to maximize the time you spend on the water in whatever way suits you best. We offer a wide range of services to fit any weekend agenda. Let us deliver your boats to the launch, guide you through some of the best fishing spots, or accompany you on a relaxing hands-free peddle through the beautiful and scenic Gulf Coast & Dauphin Island. We are proud to say we're 100% kid-friendly and welcome all kayakers and fishermen from first-timers to seasoned veterans. Please feel free to call or text us with any questions you may have. 

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We Service Alabama and the surrounding Mississippi Florida Gulf Coast area. Our Home base is Near Dauphin Island, AL, and Grand Bay, AL


We offer Guided Fishing Kayak Trips to put you on the fish and maximize your time and fun on the water. New to the area, on vacation? Or want to learn the Fishery. We can help!

We have Tailored Trips to suit whatever your agenda is.

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Long-distance requests may have a fuel surcharge this will be determined with the client on a case by case basis     (due to increasingly high gas prices)  Some Trips depending on Bait cost, time frame and difficulty may also include a fee as well. Visit our trip page for more details from trip to trip.

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Born and raised on the Alabama Gulf Coast, I grew up fishing and would always go Kayaking. I always enjoyed how peaceful it was to be so close to the water. Once I mixed the two, I knew I had something special. There is just something about getting pulled around on a kayak by a monster fish or sneaking up on Redfish in prime skinny locations that boats can’t typically get to. There is simply nothing else like it! Getting to share that experience with new people and seeing them share the passion, is what started Yaktics. We wanted to give people something unique and fun! And this is it! We want to grow the sport of Kayak Fishing and give new exciting things to do on the beautiful Emerald Coast. We are active in the community and are proud supporters of the Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association. Yaktics also stays active in Local Kayak tournaments and keeps building the playbook. Let's go Fishing!

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Faith, Family, Fellowship, and Fishing. Those are the things I'm most passionate about in life. Through a lot of soul-searching during 2019 I found myself being drawn to the water. As a new husband and father in uncertain times I was sure of one thing and that's that i wanted to create fun memories with my family. As a kid growing up I loved going fishing with my dad and my grandpa and those are some of my most memorable moments. I want my kids to have as many memories fishing with Daddy as possible but i knew in order to catch fish and keep them entertained I had to actually catch them. Looking back now I laugh at how little I knew of the subject. Not far into my journey however I stumbled upon something that would literally change my life forever. An invitation to go Kayak Fishing. I was hooked the first trip! What peace I felt on the water and what a rush it was to reel in those drag pulling redfish! This led me to the kayak fishing community. Here was a group of men and women who regardless of their differences really came together and helped each other out because of their love for kayak fishing. Complete strangers reaching out to me willing to help me. This really instilled a lot of Hope back in me and eventually led to the idea of what would become Yaktics. It gives me great joy to get out on the water with people and introduce them to how I escape from the troubles of everyday life and cast my cares away. With all that being said it would be an honor and quite literally my pleasure to guide you along on your trip and make sure you find whatever it is you may be looking for. Tight lines and love! See you on the water!

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